Cutlery Dryer Polisher

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Permanently spotless cutlery - without expensive manual work

As chief of a restaurant or institutional kitchen, you know the importance of spotless polished cutlery. However, this is often connected with a great deal of manual work. Each piece of cutlery has to be dries and polished carefully to avoid wather stains. This manual work is costly in time and money.

The need for manual polishing is now past, thanks to the cutlery polisher and drier. The heavy-duty construction guarantees ongoing relieable results in no time at all! A capacity up to 2000 pieces of cutlery per hour makes it possible to spend your time doing other things.

The simple operation of the cutlery polishing machine TD 2000 

Whether chromium, stainless steel or even high-grade silver – the clean and wet cutlery is given directly from the dishwasher into the cutlery polishing machine TD 2000.

Via the internal vibrating conveyor it is spirally transported upwards through a high-grade granular substance. This purely natural product dries and polishes your cutlery and keeps it shining– with just a single run. The granulate has to be exchanged every 4 – 8 weeks depending on the frequency the machine is used. The machine operates very quietly due to a special coating.

Your cutlery will not only pass the inspection by your guests, it even meets the strict EU-Hygienic Guidelines: a special UVC-lamp sterilizes both, the cutlery and the granulate.

Your advantages at a glance:


low cost and compact
table model in cost-saving and compact construction

quick and efficient
the cutlery polishing machine dries and polishes 2.000 cutlery pieces per hour in only one working step

clean and hygienic
the cutlery shines as new and is sterilized by an UVC-lamp

cost saving and economic
low operating expenses and cost savings because of time saved

solid and durable
high-grade materials and a solid construction means a durable quality machin

user-friendly and low-maintenance
simple and save handling due to its well thought out design

service-orientated and guaranteed
as manufacturer we take care of warranity, spare parts and service

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